in.grid: A smart way to control external heat sources for your spa

Select, use and synchronize alternative heat sources

Connected to a Y series control system, in.grid acts as a dispatcher of external heating sources such as your heat pump, your central house heating system or your gas heater. You can also connect up to five single button in.k110 switches to control spa accessories.

Benefit from
energy savings

With in.grid, take full advantage of your external heat sources to optimize your savings, depending on your external heating system and your climate.  Choose the mode that suits you the best between our four selection.

Connect up to
five single button switches

Two in.grid models are available, based on your needs:  five single button in.k110 switches or four in.k110 switches and a CO port. The CO port is used to connect any accessories in the communication chain of your system.

in.k1001: smaller, but with the same functionalities

The in.k1001 is the perfect solution for those who want a compact interactive keypad.  Same interface, same performance and as fun to use as its big brother, the in.k1000.

full-featured in.k1001 keypad with color capacitive touch screen display

fun, simple, engaging

Parting ways with physical buttons, keys and overlays, our in.k1001 touch screen keypad is fun to use and simple to learn. It features an intuitive and engaging one level menu interface.

truly interactive

Mode and function selection wheels, all-on/all-off one touch activation key, interactive display icons and on-screen reminders make for a unique user interface. Get direct feedback and seamless interaction with your spa and its value added accessories like in.clear, in.mix and 2.

larger, faster, cooler

Driven by a powerful 400 MHz processor, Gecko's in.k1000 keypad features an eye-catching 4.3 in. 256K color LCD capacitive touch screen display. Resting in a thin and beautiful enclosure that houses its cutting-edge electronics, in.k1001 fits perfectly on the edge of any spa.

in.mix 300: stunning underwater light shows

Gecko Alliance’s new lighting control console for your spa.


A Lighting Control Console at your Fingertips

When connected to one of our X or Y series control systems for spas and hot tubs, in.mix transforms our in.k1000 touch screen and in.k800 color display keypads in real lighting consoles with a perfect interface. Create your personalized ambiance easily with an infinite selection of colors and a light intensity dimmer.

Lights Up to Three Different Color Zones

in.mix can drive and control up to three light zones in, or around your spa. The color selection of each zone can be independently managed or synchronized to create stunning visual ensembles. Fast or slow fading effects can be added, and the light intensity, adjusted to the mood you wish to create.

The Power to Create the Perfect Ambiance

in.mix comes with a built-in power supply and can be connected to a 120V or 240V output of your spa’s control system. It can drive up to a hundred points of RGB (red, green, blue) in three zones,  illuminating the water of your spa or create accent colors around it.

New 5 bundle with in.k8-3OP keypad, adaptation plate, cables and light.

Well, everything you need for a complete retrofit installation!

Easily integrate your spa to the Internet of things!

in.touch 2 app

Gecko Alliance’s in.touch 2 ultimate wireless remote control for your spa


Simplest of setups

in.touch 2 eliminates all the complexities of connecting your spa to the Internet and transforms your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet into your ultimate Wi-Fi spa remote control. in.touch 2 comes with state-of-the-art apps and 2 pre-paired radio frequency transmitters, one being part of your spa system and the second one being connected to your Internet router. Both RF transmitters are pre-linked to one another, enabling an immediate and perfect communication between you and your spa.

Strong and long range communication signal

Through their proprietary RF technology, in.touch 2 transceivers emit a strong, stable and long range signal between your spa and your router (about 3 times longer than regular Wi-Fi signal). No need for repeaters or boosters: your spa will always remain within reach in a 100 meters line of sight.

State-of-the-art apps for Wi-Fi remote control

in.touch 2 streamlined iOS and Android applications make it very easy to control and program all the functions and features of your spa from your smartphone or your tablet. Even when you’re away from home, you get a full control of your water care settings, filtration cycles, water temperature, economy modes and a lot more. Push notifications will always keep you informed on the status of your spa, even when your app is not open.


in.touch 2 is compatible with in.xm2, in.xe and Y Series control systems (software 85 rev 4.00 and up) manufactured in or after 2012.