Our company

Gecko Depot provides retailers, repair technicians, and distributors the opportunity to buy genuine products directly from Gecko. Our mission is to offer the best technical service in the industry and to provide replacement parts immediately. To do this, we keep standard items in stock for online orders. There is no minimum order necessary, we ship fast, and you receive a manufacturer’s warranty. Visit us and create your industry professional’s account by clicking on this link.

Our products

Our electronic spa controls combine innovation and versatility, and work with a wide range of spas, from the simplest model to the most complex swim spa. Easy to install, with configuration menus accessible from the keyboard — our replacement kits offer great value, and are must-haves in any repair truck.

We also manufacture Aqua-Flo by Gecko pumps, known for their energy efficiency and their superior hydraulic capacity. Whether you want to reduce your energy consumption without losing out on power, or to gain power without paying a bundle in energy bills, we have a pump for you.

Our services

Gecko Depot strives to offer the highest level of services. Our team of technicians is there to help your company with any questions you may have on our products, our processes or follow up on an order.

Call us toll free:  +33 80 50 80 352 (UK toll free:  +44 800 060 8300) or email us: techsupport@geckoal.com


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